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Who We Are

Simba Mgodi is an incubation fund designed to support emerging entrepreneurs in mining and mining services. We offer asset, contract and capital finance for businesses active in the mining industry.

The main barrier to entry for aspiring entrepreneurs in the industry is funding: mining is capital intensive and requires retailers and service providers to inject massive amounts of capital in order to provide goods and services. The enormity of the impact of the mining industry in South Africa is one of the reasons that we feel a fund of this nature is an absolute necessity. Simba Mgodi means “miner” in isiZulu and by investing in the miners of the future we will catalyse widespread economic growth and inclusive and equitable sharing in our resource base.
As the mining industry approaches its next super cycle, the board of directors at The Simba Mgodi Mining Fund has resolved to employ an innovative set of investment strategies designed to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

  •   Level 1 B-BBEE South African Company
  •   Focused on Entrepreneurship Growth
  •   Women Empowerment
  •   Growth Strategies

Who We Fund

The fund services youth and women owned businesses that are registered and operating or aspiring to operate in the mining industry. The Simba Mgodi Fund defines a youth owned business as a business that is 100% owned and managed by people aged 18-35 and has at least 70% black ownership. Entities that are 100% women owned and managed are prioritised. We offer funding from R250 000 up to R10 000 000 as debt and where strategic; equity funding. The aim of the fund is to create entities that have the potential to become industrial power houses therefore; high impact products and services are preferred.

Our Values

  •   Entrepreneurship
  •   Mentorship
  •   Success

Our Company Values

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